Junior GoKart Lesson

Approx. 1hr lesson
If kids can drive safe, they can acquire a Junior Lisence.
Kids under 15yrs old must have a Lisence to drive on their own.
Junior GoKart Tryout
Tryout Movie

1 Round (7min)
Instructor will be following for safety.
Kids above 100cm in height can give it a try!

How to be a Member?
People here for the first time can drive on visitor's fee. \2200
We'll give you member's card (picture below)

Show us the member's card, you can ride on member's fee.
Collect 10 stamps and you can get a free ride!

Prices Visitor's Fee (for the first time) Member's Fee
1 Round (7min) 1 Round 4 Rounds 1 Round 4 Rounds
Rental GoKart \2200 \6000 \1600 \5400
2-seater GoKart \2600
Drifting GoKart Members only 1 Round \1600

Free entrance
Helmets, and Gloves are free to use.

Driver must be above 15yrs old. Kids with Junior Lisence can drive on member's fee.
4 Rounds ticket can only be used on that particular day, and cannot be shared.
Drifting Gokart is only for members.

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@Prices (Adults)

Member's Card

@Prices (Kids under 15 yrs old)