Telephone E-Mail
Azumino F-1 Park 0263-72-6801 azumino@f-1park.com
Head Office 0263-46-4412
mail azumino@f-1park.com
sno >>>

You can use the Racetrack all you want!
Gather up your family, friends, co-workers and have some fun!

You can charter the track by hours.
TimeAttack, or you can drive freely. Anything is possible.
Additional race fee is needed for Racing Battles.

You can plan out an event to make a good use of the racetrack.
4 GoKarts are included in the basic charter fee.
You could just drive all you want. Or you can compete with your Laptimes.
The more people you gather up, the cheaper each person's payment will be.
Additional Plans Additional Adult GoKart@@@@\5,000 each hour
2 seater GoKart@@@@\3,000 each hour
Junior GoKart@@@\3,000 each hour
Trophies and Champagne up on request (will be charged)
Additional Race fee Additional \20,000 is needed to hold a race.
Equipments Long sleeves, and pants are recommended. High heels, sandals are not good for driving.
Weekdays Weekend, Holidays
1 Hour \30,000 \40,000
2 Hours \50,000 \70,000
3 Hours \65,000 \90,000
AM 3 Hours@9:00 - 12:00 \60,000 \85,000
PM 3 Hours@15:00 - 18:00 \60,000 \85,000
Night after 18:00 1 Hour (Apr - Nov) \25,000 \35,000
Night after 18:00 2 Hours (Apr - Nov) \45,000 \60,000
1 Day (9:00 - 18:00) \150,000 Ask

Fees above includes 4 Gokarts.
Helmets and Gloves are free to use.
Laptiming and printout is free.
You can use the podium as well!

@Charter Plan
@Available time for charter

Anytime in openhours between 9:00 - 20:00 is available.

We could arrange any kind of events up on requests.
English speaking staff will help you out.
By appointment only.

EWe will charge you for cacellation made after a week before the use day.
EWe'll charge you 50% of the fee for cancellation on the day before and up to 3days before the use day.
EWe'll charge you 100% of the fee for cancellation on the use day

If it's raining...
You can call it off by a phone call.for free!
You can still drive even if the track is wet, as long as we permit it's safe to drive.
You cannot call it off according to the weather forecast. It must be raining on that particular day..

ERerservation required at least a week before the particular day. (first-come first-served)
EGive us a call or an E-Mail to make a reservation..
ETell us your Name, phone number, number of people, the date and time.